Mini Catalizator sonda lambda Alfa Romeo - Lambda Faker

Mini Catalizator sonda lambda Alfa Romeo - Lambda Faker

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Mini catalyst pentru motoare benzina 

Se monteaza pe evacuarile sport intre sonda lambda si teava de evacuare pentru a anula eroarea aparuta la eliminarea catalizatorului.

Mentionati daca doriti varianta cu cot la 90 grade sau dreapta.

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In the lambda Faker (AFR Faker) is a miniature catalyst which is screwed in front of a lambda transition probe. 
the oxygen sensor replaced, seemingly gereinigtere values ​​and dangles in front of the vehicle or the engine controller that the catalyst is functioning properly . applications: first Removal of the catalyst to improve performance in motorsports. , the catalyst can be completely removed and replaced by a pipe (we offer such Cat replacement pipe for many models). Because almost every motor controller noticed a missing catalyst, had been expensive and complicated to install electronic Faker or spacers are used, which were not always reliable. The lambda Faker is very reliable, cheap and mount especially quick and easy. second Use a sports catalyst When using a sports catalyst, also in conjunction with an increase in output (additional control unit or chip tuning), it may happen that the engine control unit and again indicates an error. On vehicles with the Alfa DNA switch is then only the N mode. The Lamda Faker eliminates this problem very reliable. However so no functional check of the catalytic converter has passed. Caution: The Faker should be used (also referred to as jump control probes or probes) for narrow-band probe. It works even on broadband lambda probes, as they provide but values ​​that are usually required by the engine controller, the Faker is it not suitable! Variant 1straight version (Note: there must be sufficient space) Length: / 65 mm Headlenght (Extension): 37 mm Type 2 version with angle (Note: Please bear in mind the mounting instructions)

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